Information & Resources for Lab Users

Experimental Forms

To work at a SSME lab you need to fill the appropriate experimental form, which should be signed by you, your supervisor and Jacob Baas. That form should be placed in the racks located at the entrance of the lab when your start your experiment. In this way the lab supervisors can always know who is measuring in that lab, what and how.

Safety Regulations

For general safety issues you are referred to the Safety, Health, Environment document edited by the Faculty concerning activities in our building. There you can find general safety working procedures, ranging from how to work with different types of lasers, to how to handle chemicals or gas bottles. Every new member of the faculty (student or staff), and in particular those working in the labs, should read and understand this document. Our group has issued specific safety documents (listed below) that everyone working in our labs should read, understand and obey to. If you want to work at one of our labs, no matter how short, you need to fill in an experimental form.

2024 | Solid State Materials for Electronics (SSME)
formerly known as Nanostructures of Functional Oxides (NFO)